About Me


The dozens of notebooks at my childhood home can confirm that I’ve always been a writer.

I’ve been labeled “delightfully snarky” (thanks much to Lindsay Christians) as well as “overly opinionated” (thanks(?) to Charles Isherwood)

I’m an avid explorer, writer, actor, car karaoke buff, lover of the arts, philanthropist, wife, Puggle/bunny mommy and connoisseur of quote tattoos.

I began my journalistic career in high school when I wrote for and then ran The Voice and took my enterprise to Ripon College where I served as the Arts and Entertainment editor my senior year.

Since graduating in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in English, Theater and Film/Media Studies I’ve had bylines in Newcity Stage, American Theatre Magazine, the Wisconsin State Journal, Isthmus, Broadwayworld.com, Footlights Performing Arts Magazine and Scapi Magazine.

As a Chicago based freelancer I have also written copy for small business websites and been a ghostwriter for a blog or two.

When I was at the State Journal I won three Wisconsin Newspaper Association Awards, one in 2016 for news writing and two in 2017 for features writing.

Writing has always been both my passion and a means to showcase the world around me. I’m always on the lookout for stories to tell.

If you take a look at my portfolio you’ll see my work has run the gamut. And yes, there is a lot of theater in there. However, like the theater the world is varied and as a writer I cherish that variety.